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for everone with Mia, Ana, or Co's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
for everone with Mia, Ana, or Co

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GlitterVeins Socialite [15 Dec 2009|11:58pm]

I'd like to introduce a new site!

It's called GlitterVeins Socialite.

It's one of the very first social networking sites exclusively intended for those with eating disorders. You can check it out at http://www.social.glitterveins.com

You can upload photos, files, create video albums, comment on each other's walls, keep a blog, create and join groups, and much much more!

But best of all, you can connect with others who have eating disorders with the fear of your account being deleted, like on myspace and facebook.

Thanks. We look forward to seeing you.
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reverse thinspo. [24 Sep 2009|06:40pm]

WARNING!its reverse so u may not want to see the others!nsfw?naughtyCollapse )hjhjjh
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noobie [09 Sep 2009|03:03am]

Hey everyone.  I'm new to this site, and trying to get some help.  I'm EDNOS.  i was Ana for a while, then i binged like crazy. so unfortunately i have lately turned to binging and purging.  i hate the thought of throwing up but i've been feeling so guilty for everything i've been eating.  i've lost almost 40 lbs because of Ana but its still not good enough!  i'm utterly disgusting.  i just don't know how to keep ana going now i'm back at home.  my mom's a nurse and she's already suspicious.  any tips on hiding food at small family dinners?  and would anyone be interest in fasting with me?  my mom always grills me on what i had for breakfast/lunch and i've been cooking food and then hiding it in containers in the trash.  still afraid they'll find out.  and what about family dinners that i can't just be good and blatantly throw food away.  i'm a lard ass and need some help getting back on track with all this unhealthy food around me at my house.  here are the ugly stats:

Height: 5' 10''
CW: 138 (dress size 6, want to be a size 2 AT LEAST!!!)

HW: 180
LW: 138
GW1: 125
GW2: 115
GW3: 100

I KNOW i'll feel so much prettier if i just lost all the fat that's surrounding me. anyone with any tips on hiding food / thinspo to share?  thanks loves.  i'm so excited to be a part of a community that understands all the depression and guilt that i feel radiating from my own image in the mirror.
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[16 Aug 2009|06:11am]


me and my gf are no longer together

I'm making a challenge of my own and I'm testing it out with a friend so I dn't epically fail, and i'm creating my own workouts i do that are fun and who knows maybe some lucky people will get to use them.

i took 7 max strength lax's and i'm miserable but it's part of the challenge.

anyways keep it up lovelys, you can do it!

AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'5"
CW: 187 lbs.
LW: 171 lbs.
HW: 220 lbs.
180 lbs.

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Hey guys. [11 Aug 2009|06:51pm]

Yesterday, I made a forum for people with EDs. 


I REALLY would love for this to become a success.  But, for that to happen I need some active members!  Please take a look around, it would mean a lot to me. 

Thanks guys <3<3
Be strong. 
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[28 Jul 2009|10:44pm]

I have never felt so strong and determined as i do right now. I know that i can do this. i have 6 weeks to get to 100-105 lbs. all my darlings out there who are struggling i know you can do it too.
my job is the best distraction ever. on my feet for 3 hours and moving around. i loveee it!
but i need to be careful. i almost passed out 2 days in a row.
my grandma tried to make me eat but i just said yeah sure okay and when she left i put it down the garbage disposale.
I think i am going to start taking these vitamin B supplement pills. they say they increase your metabolism and energy. I need that. my metabolism is so freaking screwed up it makes me mad.
Anyone of you ever felt so worthless and disgusting? i feel that way everyday. i know i said i feel strong and determined earlier and i do but i just really hate myself. i feel so undeserving of everythingg.
i also have never wanted anything more- i need to be thin. i have to be thin. i won't except failing. it just cannot happen.
SGAllagher1992@hotmail.com - if any of you wanna chat
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[28 Jul 2009|01:03am]

Hey Darlings
how are we today? i started my job today! omg and i like it soo much it is such a distraction too. i barly ate anything today either so i am feeling stronggg! i exercised for an hour then another 3 hours on my job. i was moving around like crazy. i almost passed out today. my vision gets really blurry when i stand up too fast. that used to happen all the time and now it is starting up again. i also decided i wanna be 90 lbs. it sounds so little and tiny and i have to do it. i will probably give myself till december to doso. i will be 17 then too and it will be cold so i can hide it better too. my mom is starting to hound me too. today she wanted me to eat something and i said no i don't want it. and she called me mentally ill. i asked her today is i would be a good mom someday and she said idk do you think you will sane enough too? she is starting to catch on again that i am not eating as much. ugh she can't know. she once said if i get under 100 lbs i would have to go out patient. under 90 and i will be in patient. why can't she understand at all. what about you guys? do your parents know? if so how do they react to it?
how are we doing today my dears<3?
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[26 Jul 2009|10:39pm]

Heyyy My darlings
i have missed you. sorry i wasn't on. my mom had the week off so i was busy
i had a tough week filled with laxatives and diuretics but i am back on track.
i had a very good weekend and i was at my dads. thank gawd! i never have a good weekends at my dads. usually i have like over 1000 calories because i have to and this weekend i had a total of 1200 cals total. i am getting stronger! i just have to keep saying 10 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs to go. i'll be at 100 lbs. i won't let myself get to 90-95lbs till the winter so i can hide it better. how are my darlings doing today?
i was so paranoid this weekend on the boat and jetskii i was in a bathing suit and i was so nervous but i made it out alive.
anyone on MSN that wants to talk?
SGallagher1992@hotmail.com if you wanna talk =)
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Oh, also have to perge. [23 Jul 2009|05:34pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Have to perge out fatty double cheese berger that I had today.  Seriously,  I have no self control.

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[23 Jul 2009|05:28pm]

Hay.  I'm new to this group.  I am (as of last weigh in) 108 pounds.  My BMI is 19.171343228277056.  I am feeling pretty cold and crappy today, like usual.  Though if you were to see me you would not suspect a thing is wrong with me. 
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[22 Jul 2009|12:43am]

Heyyy BabyyDolls
Had a little bit of a scare today. came very very close to cutting today.
i just feel so disgusting and fat and worthless and i just wanted to do it so bad i was shaking. but a few of my friends who used to cut talked me through it. i haven't cut in a year i can't even believe that.
i have laxs,diuretics and diet pills in my system right now.
I'm a mess tonight girls and guys. so sorry to be posting such a weak post. i love being strong and hate when ppl see me not at my best. tomorrow i am going to enchated forest water safari. i am excited because i love it but i have to wear a bathing suit. FML. i look so bloated and fat. i am wearing a t-shirt over it. i know exactly what i will be thinking the minute i walk in there. i will feel like everyone is staring at me and thinking what a cow i look like. does anyone ever feel that paranoid?
how are you all doing? i hope it is well
i love you all <3 thank you for listeningg
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[21 Jul 2009|12:22am]

FML i had a semi-binge day and i rarly ever binge. wtf!
i hate posting on my bad days i am sorry in advance.
everydayy must be pure perfection. i am a bit of a perfectionist so i love when everything goes as i want it to. i have got to stop thinking that way or else i will always be disappointed. or atleast that is what my counselor says.
i hate today. even though i exercised for 3 hours i am still getting fat as i type. i hate this feeling. Tomorrow i get a physcial for my job and i cannot wait. i need to get a job so i can be somewhat independant and gain some control.
i hate myself almost 99.9% of the time. my mom bought me some new clothes today and even though they were all size XS i still feel like a fat cow. i should appreciate my mom for buying them for me because she didn't really need to but all i can think about is how disgusting i look in them. i;m such a horrible person. even though i have heard 100000 times how laxatives and diuretics don't help you lose weight i still take them. i love the feeling of pure emptyness. i feel in total control when the pills kick in. i know i must sound crazy but its how i feel. i would be taking them both now but i'll be out all day tomorrow so that would be a bad situation.
i hope you are all having a better day then i am.. tomorrow is a new dayy
sorry but i just needed to vent.
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AIM [20 Jul 2009|01:08am]


add me on AIM


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[20 Jul 2009|12:35am]

maybe a stupid question considering my counselor already said yes but
i take laxatives,diuretics and diet pills and exercise 2-3 hours a day(compuslive exercise)
my counselor said it is another form of purging and that i also have bulimia
so i looked it up and it said yes too
is that true? is it really possible to be both anorexic and bulimic?
i don't take the laxatives and diuretics everyday but i do take them a few times a week.
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[19 Jul 2009|10:56pm]

Heyyy Bellas,
Its been a long day with food. blah.
It was my cousins birthday party but i managed it okayish.
Tomorrow morning i am getting a good hour to two hours of exercise because i am going golfing with my mom,grandpa and lil brother. I suck at golf but it will be good exercise for the morning. I will workout tomorow for three hours no matter what. my aunt gave me food to take home because she knows its my favorite. i couldn't very well say no and hurt her feelings.( i like to please people ugh its annoying) so i will eat only a small amount and then throw it away or let my mom have it.
EW EW EW i just looked at pictures of me from a while ago. what a huge transformation. makes me want to lose even more. only 11 more lbs to go!still won't be happy with my weight but i can do it i know i can.
how are we doing today my darlings? good? bad?
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[19 Jul 2009|12:38am]

Heyyy My Loves
how are we doing tonight?
I spent all day at my grandpas bocce(italian sport) tournment.
i had to eat but luckily i managed to work out when i got home so i feel alittle better.
i almost took another lax when i got home but desided to work out instead.
only exercised for an hour and a half. no where near good enough compared to the three hours i usually do.
I have beeen drinking diet tea and lemom lime water all day so any water weight i have will be gone. Tomorrow is my cousins birthday party and i already know what we are having. i will have to fill up on salad. blah i must and will stay strong. i have 11 lbs to go! i can doit.
. i was also wondering what you guys thought about recovery.. like do you believe it is really possible? the thought of recovering scares me so i was just wondering..
what scares me even more is that i am getting worse. i not only have anorexia but now bulimia too because i purge with laxatives and diuretics and have a compulsive exercise problem and take diet pills.
only one friend knows about the bulimia and that is because she has anorexia too.
stay stronggg lovesss<3333
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[16 Jul 2009|10:53pm]


Heyy Baby Dolls

How are we doing tonight?

I feel on fire! I exercised for three hours today and burned everything off that i ate and then some. i just lovee that feeling. i know i can reach my GW by september. and i cannot wait for flordia or my new job. alittle worried about my cousins birthday party though. No dessert for me thank you! i will just have to try and eat as little as possible and ugh my grandpas bocce world series is tomorrow and maybe saturday. need to stay away from the nasty fatty greasy food.

i also managed to buy some fat burners diet pills even though i am not 18.

so now there are diuretics,laxs,diet pills and cal burner drinks hidden in my room. hopefully my madre doesn't find them.

this week is a good week bellas
remember tomorrow is a new day
think thin, stay stronggg
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[16 Jul 2009|12:26pm]

Heyy Bellas
i'll make this short because i am baby sitting my lil bro.
how are we doing today?
its around 12 o clock and i am planning on not eating till hopefully 5
my stomach hurts though, but i'll do some sit ups so i'll feel better.
Going to flordia in alittle over a month, gotta lose weight by then.
100 100 100 100!
even if i wanted to eat i don't want to put anything in my mouth. i've just been having these feelings more and more. it doesn't matter how bad i want to eat i can't allow myself to. food will make me fat. i am basically living off fruits and vegtables
stay strong loves<3
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[15 Jul 2009|10:08pm]

Hello my lovelys
how are we doing today?
Only had a salad today and its all i will have, just need to stay in my room for the rest of the night.
Exercised an hour and a half today and it felt goood.
I will reach my goal by september i know i can do it. i just need to keep saying it in my head. 100 100 100 100 Lbs!
going to flordia at the end of august so need to look amazing by then.
I also finally got a job so i will be busy during my hunger periods.
everything is falling to place =)
anyonee wanna be text buddies?
message for the digits
stay strong bellas <3
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[13 Jul 2009|11:35pm]

I'm bloated bloated bloated because i am getting my period i feel like a balloon
i look some diuretics to maybe help that. tomorrow i will work out for 3 hours same as i always do and at least 400-600 sit ups, 200 squates
. i go to my aunts house at 6:30 tomorrow night so i need to get it all in by then,
i also have a ? i bought some diet pills and i have been taking them everyday since last tuesday. i have a physcical tomorrow, if they make me pee will the diet pills show up?
I need some text buddies so feel free to message me for the digits
I am also meeting with my counselor wednesday, wonder what she will say when i tell her my anorexia is getting even worse then before and how i am still not ready or even planning on recovering any time soon

stay strongg bellas <3
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